Mitsubishi Owners Problems!

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Sticky Mitsubishi Owners Problems!

Post by Rislar on Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:19 am

This thread serves at a database of all problems experienced by Mitsubishi owners. This will give potential buyers or owners of this specific make a database they can go through to see what problems their vehicle could possibly develop.

To ensure this thread contains only information related to vehicle problems and to keep it easy to read and understand, there are a few very specific rules:
-Copy the list below in bold into your thread and only provide the information asked for, no more, no less.
-One list per problem. More than one problem can be posted in the same post, but use seperate lists.
-No discussions will be allowed in this thread. If you want to discuss a specific problem, contact the poster directly or start a new thread in the relevant section. Copy the post across to the new thread if need be.
-ANY comments, or posts not conforming to the list below, will be deleted.
-Only post problems you personally experienced, please no friends' stories or hearsay's.
Please help to keep this neat and factual.


Copy and paste!

Cause of problem(if known):
Specifics of repair work carried out:
Cost of repair:
Who did the repair:
Vehicle under warranty, Y/N:
Was damage covered by warranty:

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